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What Is Skin Rejuvenation?

Whether you are searching for a way to keep your skin looking healthy and youthful or want to reverse signs of aging that have already surfaced, My Aesthetics Intelligence has a noninvasive solution for you. Our double board-certified nurse practitioner Annie Nguyen performs laser skin resurfacing with the MOXI® system to provide skin prejuvenation and skin rejuvenation. While skin prejuvenation describes the preventive measures that can be taken to delay the onset of wrinkles and other age marks, skin rejuvenation is taking steps to minimize signs of aging that are already noticeable. MOXI is a fractionated laser device that can improve the tone and texture of all skin types. To find out more about how MOXI can breathe new life into your appearance, schedule an appointment at our Dallas, TX office.

What Can I Expect from Skin Rejuvenation Treatments?

Skin rejuvenation or prejuvenation with MOXI is a fast, gentle laser treatment that takes no more than 15 minutes to perform in our Dallas, TX office. At your consultation, Annie will listen to your skin care goals and concerns to come up with a custom treatment plan for you. On the day of your procedure, she will apply a topical numbing agent to the treatment region to minimize any potential discomfort. Once that sets in, she will pass the MOXI handpiece over your skin. During this process, you might feel a slight warmth, but it should be tolerable. Afterward, it will be crucial for you to wear sunscreen as your skin will be more sensitive during the first 24 hours post-treatment.

Annie is amazing! She calm and sweet, explaining everything she's doing. The capillaries around my nose and chin disappeared like magic! I'm going back for theie MOXI treatment in the next couple of weeks to work on large pores and evening out my skin tone. I had both just between my brows, we t very smoothly. My Aesthetic Intelligence is A++ in my book!

C.J. Google

This was my first time getting any skin treatment. Annie informed me of all of the options, recommended regimen, and the reasons behind her recommendations. She was kind, knowledgeable, and made me feel at ease. I highly recommend her to anyone and look forward to going back to her regularly for my skincare needs!

H.Z. Google

Annie is a very friendly, passionate skin care professional who strives to make her clients look and feel their best. Wanting to improve the overall appearance and health of my skin, I decided to see Annie and I could not be happier with the results thus far. I'm rather oblivious about skin care and Annie knew exactly what would work for my skin type and needs, and advised which products and regimens would work best. I look forward to working with Annie again in the future.

N.R. Google

Annie is amazing. All the positive reviews are accurate. I saw her for the first time a few weeks ago for Botox. She is an amazing injector and I’ve already booked a follow up appointment for skincare services. You can tell Annie loves her work and it shows in her interactions with her patients/customers. She really took the time to fully listen to all my concerns/goals. I know and am comfortable that I’m in good hands with Annie!

Y. Google

9/2/2022 - I recently had my second BroadBand Light (BBL), combined with my first round of the Moxi laser treatment, done with Annie. My nearest and dearest have noticed and commented, "your skin looks like it has a perfect skin filter in real life." My skin has been transformed back to how it looked in my 20s. Annie and her master skills have helped me get ahead of the issue we all face as our skin ages and has reversed the hands of time. Thank you!!! 6/18/2022- Per suggestion, I recently had a BroadBand Light (BBL) treatment done with Annie. I barely had any dark spots but wanted the therapy due to its focus on my rosacea found on my cheeks and chest. As this was my first experience, I wasn't sure what my overall results would be. I saw incredible photos of clients with brown spots that had a full glow up and was cautiously optimistic since my scenario was different. I can tell you post-treatment I 100% recommend the BBL! I had so many brown and red spots hiding deep underneath the epidermis layer of my skin. It was only a matter of time before they popped to the surface of my skin. Just the one treatment also helped tone down my rosacea, contoured my face, and gave me an even skin tone. So much so, unless desired, I don't need to wear foundation to even out my skin tone. Here's to summer ahead, sitting by the pool with only SPF and a hat for prevention. I no longer require a tint or CC cream! Annie is excellent, and I value her input and skills for gracefully maintaining my youthful look and preventing other issues before they arise. I wouldn't trust my skin to anyone else! 2020 - Annie is incredibly professional, knowledgeable, a master injector, and her bedside manner is impeccable. She will take her time to answer any questions and or concerns you might have. I went in for Botox injections, and my visit was pain-free. My results were natural, youthful, and overall rejuvenated. I highly and happily recommend her to all my family and friends.

K.K. Google


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Maintain a Youthful, Luminous Complexion

If you wish to maintain the health of your skin or reduce the presence of wrinkles, sun damage, skin laxity, or other cosmetic concerns, consider MOXI laser treatments at My Aesthetics Intelligence. MOXI can provide skin prejuvenation and rejuvenation to leave you with a clearer, more vibrant complexion. Schedule an appointment at MAI today, and Annie will develop a personalized treatment plan just for you.



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Who is a suitable candidate for MOXI?

MOXI is a universally safe option for individuals of all skin tones and age groups. It presents an excellent choice for virtually anyone seeking to enhance the texture and youthfulness of their skin. MOXI has proven effective in addressing concerns such as discolorations, melasma, texture irregularities, and the visible effects of aging.

How Many Treatments Are Required?

The number of treatments necessary will depend on your specific treatment goals and the extent of damage to address. Typically, patients undergo an initial course of 3-4 corrective treatments, after which many opt for periodic maintenance treatments throughout the year.

MOXI Laser Downtime: What Should I Expect?

Following a MOXI laser session, you can anticipate a progressive increase in redness during the first one to three days, typically peaking around the third day. The duration of redness can extend up to one week, varying based on the treatment's intensity

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.