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Dysport is a cosmetic wrinkle relaxer that improves dynamic creases and lines on the face, including frown lines between the eyes. Similar to other wrinkle relaxer injectable brands, Dysport utilizes a clean strain of botulinum toxin type A to temporarily soften or paralyze certain muscles in the facial area. When these muscles are relaxed, the regular contractions that result in dynamic wrinkles will be stopped, and the skin over the muscle will be tightened. This allows you to frown, smile, and make many different facial expressions without leading to dynamic lines. It also delivers natural-looking outcomes that won't make you appear "done". At My Aesthetics Intelligence, we are thrilled to perform Dysport treatments to help Dallas, TX-area patients appear rejuvenated and youthful.

With time, folds help us appear older than we feel. Dysport treatments at My Aesthetics Intelligence help our Dallas, TX patients with rejuvenating their feel and their self-esteem via many wonderful advantages, such as:

  • Boost your self-esteem and help you look like yourself again
  • Improve fine lines and wrinkles in the skin, specifically the frown ("11") line area
  • Provide sessions that are quick and efficient, with no required recovery time after treatment
  • Natural-looking, lasting improvements

Dysport would be ideal if you are seeking a nonsurgical treatment to improve moderate to severe vertical frown (glabellar) lines that appear between the eyebrows. Since dynamic wrinkles are created by frequent use, they could become visible in younger patients and cause you to appear sad, tired, or mad. Dysport is a quick, effective procedure that smoothes dynamic lines without giving you an unnatural appearance. Because this product works to reach a cluster of fine lines, it is also great for wrinkles around your eyes.

Dysport injections are performed in a procedure room following your exam and discussion with Annie, lasting about 15 – 30 minutes. A numbing gel is generally unnecessary because Dysport is given using a fine needle that causes very little discomfort, but it will be provided if requested. After the treatment region has been sanitized, a number of injections will be placed across the forehead region, followed by an ice pack to limit inflammation and bruising. After your treatment at My Aesthetics Intelligence, you may resume your regular tasks, but you should plan to stay away from strenuous exercise for about a day.

After a Dysport session, you might notice some swelling and redness at and around the injection sites, but this generally will disappear in 1 – 3 days. We advise that you sleep upright for at least one night and continue to use a cold compress if needed. Results are commonly visible within a few days as the severity of your lines is decreased for a smoother, youthful look. Dysport results generally remain for about 3 – 4 months, and subsequent treatments can be done at My Aesthetics Intelligence in Dallas, TX to preserve your results.

I love Annie and Christine. I’m a regular for Botox & Dysport plus the occasional BBL (broadband light) and Moxi Laser. The studio is convenient to get to and always cheery and bright. Scheduling is easy and they always provide full after care instructions and suggested products. Definitely worth trying some products and procedures here!

L.T. Google

I made an appointment with Annie at Aesthetics Intelligence for botox. As soon as I walked in, I knew that I had found "my place" for all my skincare needs. Annie asks questions and genuinely wants to help you achieve those results. After speaking with Annie, she recommended that I try dysport and I'm glad I did. I instantly saw results and walked out looking refreshed and natural. My overall experience was GREAT and I can't wait to book my next service!

D.S. Yelp

I had such a great experience with Annie! She was very thorough in explaining the process to me and the differences between dysport and xeomin. It's been about 5 days now and my results are amazing!

K.V. Yelp


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If you want a nonsurgical option to revitalize your skin by smoothing dynamic wrinkles, Dysport injectable wrinkle relaxer is an ideal option. You will be able to discuss Dysport injections and other procedures during your appointment with Annie to create a custom anti-aging outline that is tailored to your individual needs and goals. We invite you to call My Aesthetics Intelligence in Dallas, TX to hear more information and set up a consultation.

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How much does Dysport cost?

The cost for Dysport will depend on the amount of formula is needed according to the type of results you want to achieve. In your consultation, your provider will create your custom treatment plan and then offer a cost estimate. Ask if we have any specials on Dysport at My Aesthetics Intelligence and which methods of payment we take.

What's the difference between Dysport and BOTOX?

BOTOX and Dysport are cosmetic injections that improve dynamic facial lines. Results from Dysport usually develop quicker when compared with BOTOX. Also, some patients say that Dysport results tend to last longer than other wrinkle relaxers. During your consultation, your injector will help you determine the best product for your needs.

Should I get Dysport or a dermal filler?

A lot of people aren't sure about the different uses of wrinkle relaxers and dermal fillers. A wrinkle relaxer targets dynamic wrinkles by temporarily stopping certain facial expressions. Cosmetic dermal fillers, however, are injected underneath the surface of the skin to fill in the skin, address lost volume, and create a more youthful appearance. During your consultation, our team will ask about your cosmetic concerns to help ascertain whether a wrinkle relaxer, a filler, or a mix of the two will deliver your best enhancements.

Can Dysport be combined with other treatments?

At My Aesthetics Intelligence, we offer a number of cosmetic treatments to boost your Dysport results. Depending on your anti-aging concerns and goals, your personalized plan could involve Dysport treatments, a filler to treat deep creases or loss of volume in your cheeks or lips, as well as a laser resurfacing procedure. Be sure to share your goals during your initial consultation to help us develop a plan that creates your desired results.

How often should I get Dysport injections?

The results of Dysport treatments are generally visible for 3 – 4 months. During your consultation, your provider will discuss how often you should plan your treatments at our practice in Dallas, TX to preserve your results. You may schedule injections sooner or space them further apart once you see the duration of your initial Dysport injection outcomes.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.