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This patient embraced a bespoke blend of rejuvenation with Moxi Laser to unveil air-brushed skin, overseen by Annie Nguyen, NP-C, CANS. Daxxify smoothed wrinkles around the glabella, forehead, and crow's feet. Volume was added for glossy lips with RHA 3 lip filler to refine her natural silhouette, giving the patient a harmonious symphony of treatments curated for the ultimate beauty rediscovery. This patient has granted My Aesthetics Intelligence permission to showcase the entire face.

Total Face Refresh!



Total face refresh

Elevate your facial aesthetics with a curated combo:

Daxxify smoothens the storylines of the glabella, forehead, and crow's feet, letting your expressions shine without the creases.

Moxi rejuvenates the entire face, enhancing your natural glow and evening out your complexion.

RHA 3 graces the lips with a subtle, plush volume, redefining their silhouette.

Rediscover yourself with a symphony of treatments tailored for ultimate beauty harmony.

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