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Capillus OfficePro

The Capillus OfficePro is a revolutionary in-office procedure designed to promote hair growth in adults with androgenic alopecia or hair loss. This clinical device features 352 laser diodes, the highest number available in any FDA-cleared clinical device for superior scalp coverage.

More lasers mean better results. The density of lasers translates to the density of results, so with more lasers per inch, you can see noticeable improvements over a wider area and achieve results faster.

Capillus offers a range of benefits, including reversing the process of hair loss, treating thinning hair and balding, nurturing fuller, healthier-looking hair, revitalizing damaged hair, and being safe and effective for treating hair loss due to heredity. Users can experience initial scalp stimulation results from the office clinical unit with just a few weeks of treatment.

The procedure is simple and comfortable. Users sit comfortably under the device, similar to the process of a salon hood dryer. Most patients require just a few weekly 12-minute sessions for optimal results. This treatment can also be used in conjunction with other therapies.

I had such a great experience with Annie! She was very thorough in explaining the process to me and the differences between dysport and xeomin. It’s been about 5 days now and my results are amazing!

K.V. Yelp

I am an older woman and have been getting injectable’s for many years. Annie has been the best. Initially there is a lot of paperwork and disclaimers to complete. Additionally, there is a thorough consult along with photos and discussion that takes place before your treatment appointment. Never have I experienced so much prep beforehand.  Don’t be dismayed as this is how she approaches you as well; exceptionally thorough, educating and discussing my expectations along with her professional expertise. I am delighted. Most recently, I was seeing my Dermatologist for injectables. I was charged for an office visit, the per unit cost was higher and she was in and out in 10 minutes. It now makes much more sense to see Annie as this is all she does all day, has much more experience and spends so much more time discussing my options. I’m much happier. So skip the Doctors office and see Annie.

K.J. Yelp

Just a year update. I still very highly recommend Annie! I am came back for more lip filler after over a year and Annie is as sweet as ever. She answers my questions and makes it a very pleasant experience. Courtney is great with answering my questions I have before/after scheduling. I also love the shape of my lips! I absolutely love Annie’s personality and well as her assistant, Courtney. I came in for Botox (Dysport) and since this was my first time getting this done and was slightly nervous but Annie had tricks to ease the nerves! Highly recommend seeing Annie at Aesthetics Intelligence.

J.A. Google

Annie is so amazing. I actually was so happy with my results it made me cry when I got home. I trust her 100% with her opinion on how to make my face look better. I had got bad skin from stress, as well as my face changing shape. She gave me skincare to help with my rosacea and with filler I got my face shape back. I will never go anywhere else but here !

E.Y. Yelp

Annie is amazing! She calm and sweet, explaining everything she's doing. The capillaries around my nose and chin disappeared like magic! I'm going back for theie MOXI treatment in the next couple of weeks to work on large pores and evening out my skin tone. I had both just between my brows, we t very smoothly. My Aesthetic Intelligence is A++ in my book!

C.J. Google


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