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Capillus OfficePro

The Capillus OfficePro is a revolutionary in-office procedure designed to promote hair growth in adults with androgenic alopecia or hair loss. This clinical device features 352 laser diodes, the highest number available in any FDA-cleared clinical device for superior scalp coverage.

More lasers mean better results. The density of lasers translates to the density of results, so with more lasers per inch, you can see noticeable improvements over a wider area and achieve results faster.

Capillus offers a range of benefits, including reversing the process of hair loss, treating thinning hair and balding, nurturing fuller, healthier-looking hair, revitalizing damaged hair, and being safe and effective for treating hair loss due to heredity. Users can experience initial scalp stimulation results from the office clinical unit with just a few weeks of treatment.

The procedure is simple and comfortable. Users sit comfortably under the device, similar to the process of a salon hood dryer. Most patients require just a few weekly 12-minute sessions for optimal results. This treatment can also be used in conjunction with other therapies.

I had a thread lift and the results are amazing! Annie was so caring and walked me through the entire procedure so I’d understand completely. I have tried several different procedures over the years and these are the best results I’ve ever seen! Definitely a return customer.

S.S. Google

I had nose fillers done and let me tell you, she was so knowledgeable and experienced. She thoroughly explained every step she was doing and even went into detail on why she did it. I had fillers done before at a different location, and compared to my this experience with Annie, I did not experience bruising and a lot less swelling for much better results. I asked for a a higher nose bridge and a tinker bell nose tip and that’s exactly what she gave me. 10/10 would recommend for anything looking for a beautiful fillers yet natural.

T.T. Google

Can’t recommend MAI Aesthetics enough! I recently had the perfect derma peel with Kendall. She took the time to explain the process and what to expect afterwards. She also followed up to check on my skin’s progress after the procedure. Since, Kendall has helped me set up a skin care routine and plan for future treatments to help my stubborn melasma. The team is so knowledgeable and you can trust them to handle your unique needs. Overall a very pleasant experience at MAI!

J.H. Google

I had Sylfirm done with Annie and what a wonderful experience! I was very impressed with the Sylfirm results as well as Annies knowledge and demeanor. Annie let me know what was going on throughout the whole process and took the time to explain how Sylfirm works as well as what to expect. The results of Sylfirm were the best part! It was completely painless, no downtime, and very minimal redness/flaking the next day. Overall my skin feels tight and super smooth. The fine lines under my eyes especially! I will absolutely be coming to MAI for all my future skin needs and services.

K.C. Google

Annie and her crew are the best. My skin is so improved. Annie works closely with you to assess your needs and has the knowledge and skills to address them. On top of everything, they are all just the nicest people.

T.P. Google


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