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This patient came in to see Annie Nguyen, NP-Cans for lip filler with RHA 3 and a lip flip to embrace a subtle yet impactful change to her lip volume and appearance. RHA 3, known for its dynamic and natural-looking results, added volume and contour to their lips, enhancing their overall facial harmony. Complementing this, the lip flip technique delicately adjusted the upper lip's positioning, resulting in a fuller appearance without the need for extensive filler. With these procedures, the patient achieved the perfect balance of refinement and enhancement, radiating confidence with every smile. This patient has granted My Aesthetics Intelligence permission to showcase the entire face.

Pout Perfection



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Beyond Beauty: Annie Nguyen's Personalized Approach to Lip Enhancement


In addition to the stunning results achieved through lip filler with RHA 3 and the lip flip technique, it's worth highlighting the personalized approach taken by Annie Nguyen, NP-C, CANS, in addressing the patient's unique concerns and goals. Annie's dedication to understanding the patient's aesthetic aspirations ensured that the procedures were tailored precisely to their needs, resulting in a truly bespoke transformation. Furthermore, Annie's commitment to patient care extended beyond the treatment room, as Annie and her team provide comprehensive post-procedure guidance and support to ensure optimal healing and long-lasting results. Through Annie's expertise and compassionate care, the patient's journey to self-confidence and beauty is truly elevated to new heights.

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